80 min   |   Sci-Fi, Comedy


Official Trailer:

Amy, a lazy stoner with zero motivation and no ambitions, unknowingly buys a time traveling marijuana vape. She discovers its powers and uses it to try to get laid. However, trouble ensues...


A Virtuous Films Production

in association with The Rabbit Hole TV

Written and Directed by Ryan D. Moore

Produced by Ryan D. Moore, Justin Guerrieri,

Nicholas J. DeMicco, Monika Kolodziej, Jared Cardenas
Starring Rebecca DeMarco, Sophia Parola
Cinematography by Monika Kolodziej

Music by Ethan Fria and Adam Egizi

Short Trailer:

Don't you hate when you get a weed pen, and it sends you back in time, but only for as long as you can hit it, and so you keep hitting it to keep going back in time, but then you get too high to actually do anything worthwhile?

Yeah, us neither.

Marijuana Minutes is a feature film written and directed by Ryan Moore. It's fun for the whole family, if the adults are neglectful and the children don't have high prospects.